Solar Fountains

Harness Nature’s Energy with a Solar Water Fountain for Gardens

Best Selling Solar Fountains

See the most popular, top selling solar fountains of
Serenity Health! Follow the trends and fashions of the

Cascade Solar Fountains

These cascading solar fountains can truly make a
statement in any garden, on a patio or deck and in any
landscaped area. Many color choices and wonderful water

Tiered Solar Powered Fountains

Large selection of tiered styles, most of the solar
garden fountains you see here are solar on demand, meaning
they have battery back-up and run when the sun is not out.
Perfect for any outdoor setting.

Solar Bird Baths

These solar powered fountain bird baths look beautiful
and the birds love the movement of water as well. Many of
the birdbath styles also have battery back up technology.
Large selection, shop now!

Solar On Demand Fountains

Large selection of solar fountains with battery backup
technology so you can choose when you want your solar
fountain to run, even when the sun isn’t out. Find fountains
as well as solar fountain pumps with battery.

Solar Wall Fountains

Hang a solar fountain near your deck or patio and enjoy
the soothing water sounds as you soak up the sun or
entertain outdoors. These solar powered wall fountains are
perfect for any exterior wall or garden wall.

Other Solar Garden Fountain Styles

Find some unique styles in this group of outdoor solar
fountains. Find the perfect sizes and styles for your deck
or patio as well as smaller versions that make great table
solar fountains. Shop today.

Solar Pond Fountains

These outdoor solar fountains are perfect for a small
pond. Find solar floating fountains, oxygenators and pond
solar pump and panels kits for your pond or pool.

Solar Fountain Pumps and Panels

Find solar fountain pumps here and convert your existing
electric outdoor fountains to solar or find a solar powered
pump and panel kit for your pond. You will also find
replacement solar pumps and panels here. Be sure to check
out our entire
selection of tiered fountains
well, our most popular fountain style of the season!

Harness nature’s most powerful energy sources, water and solar power, with solar garden fountains from Serenity Health. The flexibility of fountains free from electrical cords presents you with many options for the placement of your outdoor water fountains powered by solar energy. You can enjoy your new solar fountains with a clear conscience as they are an eco-friendly way to decorate your garden.

Solar water fountains will provide beautiful additions to any landscaping. Serenity Health has many beautifully styled solar fountains created from a variety of materials to choose from. With the solar panel (included), they run on pure solar energy with no need for electricity.

Solar powered fountains are wonderfully portable fountains that can be placed virtually anywhere in your outdoor living space. They normally come outfitted with a long solar cord that can be placed in the sun, while your fountain operates in a shady environment. This feature alone makes them the most versatile fountain on the market.