Water Fountains

Water fountains create atmosphere and add to your indoor decor. They can add interest, invite investigation or become the focal point for an entire room.

Tabletop Fountains

A tabletop fountain is perfect for your home or desk
at work. Browse all table water fountains today.

Outdoor Fountains

Enrich your garden or patio with an outdoor fountain.
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Solar Fountains

Solar fountains add beauty without the cords and no
outlet needed. Find the perfect solar fountain today.

Wall Fountains

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Floor Fountains

Floor fountains for indoors or out. Browse all floor
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Indoor Fountains

Indoor water fountains in all styles and colors to
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Water features and fountains have many benefits other than adding beauty to your home, garden or place of business. A fountain, whether indoors or outdoors, aids in stress relief and relaxation, acts as a natural humidifier, improves air quality with negative ions, and produces comforting water sounds that can drown out annoying sounds to calm and relax you.

Soothing and nostalgic water features provide hours of pleasure, whether inside your home or office or outdoors. Gazing at them provides opportunity for reflection. Listening to them evokes memories. Their gentle sounds of flowing water can help calm frazzled nerves.