Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor Water Features Add Character & Beauty to your Garden, Yard or Patio

Best Selling Outdoor Fountains

Find our most popular outdoor fountains here. All the
greatest trends and top sellers for the outdoor water
feature category.

Stone Garden Fountains

Beautiful, hand crafted cast stone fountains are perfect
for your garden, yard, patio or deck.

Resin & Fiberglass Outdoor Fountains

These fiberglass garden water features & waterfalls are
lightweight durable fiberglass or resin.

Rock Waterfall Fountains

Rock waterfall fountains of lightweight and stone
materials to landscape to perfection.

Tiered Outdoor Fountains

Tiered fountains for your backyard or courtyard, shop
lightweight outdoor fountains and stone.

Pond Fountains

Low maintenance outdoor pond fountains are perfect for
large ponds, lakes and commercial uses.

Bird Bath Fountains

Birds truly love these birdbath fountains. Available in
cast stone, resin and fiberglass.

Outdoor Fountains with Glass

Water fountains with glass that hang on the wall of your
home, deck or patio as well as standing fountains.

Garden Outdoor Fountains in Other Material

These yard fountains come in various durable materials
like resin, wood, slate and stainless steel.

Disappearing Fountains

Disappearing garden and pond fountains tend to stay
cleaner because there is no pool of water to catch debris.

Granite Outdoor Fountains

The beauty of a granite garden fountain begins with the
natural stones used in their creation.

Copper Outdoor Fountains

Beautiful leafed-copper yard fountains are hand crafted
by skilled artists – no two are alike.

Outdoor Fountains with Carved Slate

These multi-tier natural slate water features are
magnificent. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor water features enhance any garden or natural space by incorporating both the soothing sounds of water and landscaping dimension. Our beautiful fountains fit into your landscaping, adding the extra element of a water feature for a complete design. They enrich your garden or outdoor living area with soothing, mesmerizing water sounds that range from gushing waterfalls to babbling brooks. All of our outdoor water features and fountains are meticulously crafted to give you maximum enjoyment for years to come.