What is Yoga Chic

What is Yoga Chic

Yoga: The central doctrine of Yoga philosophy is that nothing exists beyond the mind and its consciousness, which is the only ultimate reality. The objective of this philosophy is to uproot misconceptions about the existence of external `realities` from the minds of men. It believes that it is possible to reach this stage of self realization through regular practice of certain yogic meditative processes that bring a complete withdrawal or detachment from all false sources of knowledge and inculcates an inner sense of balanced calm and tranquility.

Chic: (pronounced “sheek”), meaning ‘stylish’ or ‘smart’, is an element of fashion and the counterpart of posh.

YogaChic: A style for living.

Yoga Chic A Style of LivingOur Mission here at Yogachic.com is to provide the ultimate portal of all around well being and living style. Our collaborators comprised of yoga enthusiasts and internet marketing experts are working to provide you the site were the spiritual and material world live in harmony. This website does not sell any products or services directly. This is an informational site to help you find unique and quality products from outstanding companies. We screen all companies, products and services featured on this site scrutinizing privacy, customer service and return policies to ensure that you can shop with confidence without hassle.

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